Gel nails and Shellac nails in Le Lotus Nail Bar

Gel nails and Shellac nails are one of the best services we offer in Le Lotus Nail Bar in London.
Today, we would to share with you the information about these two interesting services.

1. Gel Nails

What is a gel manicure?

A gel manicure uses a gel-based polish and a UV or LED light to cure and lock the the polish onto your nails. Gel polish is usually more durable than regular polish, gel can stay for weeks.

What’s the difference between gel nail and acrylic nail?

They are completely different. Acrylic nails are made with a powder and they’re mainly used to lengthen the nail or strengthen a top layer of the natural nail.

We sometimes use color in acrylic nails, but usually they’re clear or natural-toned. On the other hand, Gel nails use polish shades, and are made hard using a UV or LED lamp.

How long do gel nail last?

Gel manicures could last up to four weeks if they are made by skillful nail technicians.

Do gel nail damage your nails?

It is not if they are done properly by skilled nail designers. It is more danger in remove process, thus it is necessary to come nail salon to do it.

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2. Shellac nails

What are shellac nails?

Shellac nails are a form of nail polish, The most important thing of shellac nails is that they combine two types of polish/gel and traditional polish. This can help your nails shine and have a nice pop of color. Shellac nails use LED light to create a shellac effect.

How to do shellac nail?

Three coats of polish will be used in a shellac manicure. Each coat will need to be cured between layers inside by putting your nails under an LED light. Thus, shellac nails are long-lasting.

What is the difference between shellac and gel nails?

Firstly, they are totally different in their formulation.

Gel nails are made from a liquid gel. It’s a mix of acrylic monomers that hardens under UV light, creating that smooth, glossy finish. On the other hand, shellac nails are made from a combination of a gel polish and a traditional polish.

Secondly, Gel nails do last a little bit longer.
Thirdly, it is harder to remove gel nails.

How long do shellac nails last?

They’ll last up to 2 weeks if they are done by skillful nail technicians.

How can I remove shellac nail polish?

To remove shellac nail polish, we usually use acetone-based remover. It can be removed by a manicurist in max 15 minutes. The removal process may be harmful for you, so it is better if you can go to a nail salon to do it.

Do shellac manicures harm your nails?

Shellac manicures are not harm your natural nail. However, you need to be careful in the removal process.

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3. Acrylic full set nails

What is acrylic full set nails?

It is a combination of removing existing nail polish and applying new nail polish in your natural nails.
In removing process, nail technicians will remove nail polish, clean and conditioning your nails. They also shape, massage and apply moisturizers to your hands

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Gel nails and Shellac nails in Le Lotus Nail Bar