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Le Lotus Nail Bar in London have strengths in  Acrylic nails  and  Ombre nails.

We also offer more than 50 services in Nails & Manicures, Pedicures, Eyelash & Eyebrow Tints & Shape, Facials, Hair Removal.

We always use high quality nail material in all of our services. The Le Lotus Nail designers are skillful and experienced.

1. Acrylic nails service

What is key acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails use powder and liquid monomer. They are combined into a blob of dough, then are shaped onto your nails by a brush. Your nail will be drought by air-dried. Acrylics do not need a lamp to cure. Key acrylic nails is great for changing the shape or extending your nails.

How do we do acrylic nails?

Firstly, we need to prepare a full set of acrylics. Le Lutus Nail technician will use a nail form with highest natural look. Each acrylic will be shaped to relevant shape and then is painted with polish nature color.

Although do acrylic nail is not complicated, we still need to find high skill nail technicians who have adequate trained and experienced in doing them. High skill nail designer in Le Lutus Nail Bar will help you about it.

Acrylic Nails need to maintain or not?

The answer is yes! Generally, to make sure your acrylic nails is in the best condition, you need to come nail salon to get them filled. It may be two or three weeks each time.

However, in Le Lutus Nail Bar we use the high standard of nail material, it can extend the nail maintain time up to six or eight weeks before removing them.

Remove acrylic nail is simple?

Yes, it is. To remove acrylic nails, we can do as taking off a gel manicure.
However, in removing process, we need to use a bit of acetone. Thus you need to come to nail shop to be treated by skillful nail technician, who can ensure how long your nail need to be soaked in acetone to make them soft enough.

Do Acrylic Nails may damage your natural nails?

Acrylic Nails is an artificial nail, so it does not damage your natural nails. However, Acrylic Nails need to be properly removed, regularly filled, and keeping them clean and dry to use in long time.

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2. Ombre nails

It is easy to create a Ombre nails; however, Ombre nails can allows you to show your individual style.

How we do Ombre nails?

First, we need to prepare several things like: Nail Polish Colors, A Base Coat, A Top Coat, A Nail File. All of them are well prepared in Le Lotus Nail Bar with the highest quality.

After you have all required nail material, the first step is “File your nail”. The nail file need to be smoothly swiped along the nail sharp in one direction. Then you need to “Apply Your Base Coat”. It is usually need more than 3 swipes of polish and need time to dry.

“Paint Your Nails” is the most important step to show your style. You can tell our nail technician about whatever nail style do you want. We will try our best to satisfy our demand.

The last step is “Add Your Top Coat”. It can help your nail is sealed. Do it when you sure that your Ombre nails are dry.

There are so many Ombre nails designs. Each design require a little bit defference in creating process. It is necessary to have skillful nail technician to do it for you.

How long does ombre nails need to be maintained?

Similar to acrylic nails, ombre nails done by a professional need to be maintained after two to three weeks. They need to be filled after around six to eight weeks. And finally they will be removed or replaced after 12 weeks.

Video for Ombre Nails:

To get more information about acrylics nails and ombre nail, please visit Le Lotus treatment page.

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Acrylic nails , Ombre nails in Le Lotus Nail Bar London